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The merchants of Issaquena Avenue, Clarksdale, Mississippi, have seen it all. They survived two depressions, both world wars, societal upheaval, and the most destructive river floods in American history. This tour includes twenty-three buildings lining Issaquena Avenue in Clarksdale. Detailed illustrations and maps bring the street to life. It includes fifty or more oral histories of families from all over the globe who settled and thrived in the Mississippi Delta during a time when the South was changing dramatically. The tour takes you building by building through throughs its ownership history and includes information about the occupants between 1900 and 1980. Along the way, Kerstine solves some town mysteries and finds others. What is Issaquena’s connection to the birth of the blues? How was the New Roxy Theater named? Where was the original New World Saloon?

 Author: Margery Kerstine
Photographer: Terry Thompson
Print format: laminated matte softcover, B&W illustrations, 60# paper
Pages include: Endnotes, Bibliography, Appendix, Index,
120+ photographs and illustrations
ISBN 978-1-7340226-0-5 (print book)
LCCN: 2019915573
Genre/BISAC Categories:
HIS036120: HISTORY/United States State & Local/South
TRV025080: TRAVEL/United States/South/East South Central 
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